The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

meeting minutes

August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016
Margarita’s Residence

Re: General Membership Meeting

·             Margarita del Encanto – with blue hair and sequin top hat
·         Chester Cub – after fighting the kraken
·             Ivan Slutty –
·         DayGlo Starkade – with shinny purple lips

·         Peri Van Winkle – excused cuz Chartreuse will be performing tonight
·         Billie Glam – lost on the Skype world

New Business:
·         Sistory Moment: DayGlo share about her experience on his manifestation at Scandals. How this help him to get out of his comfort zone and, with the “free hugs” moments, help other to get out of theirs.
·         Manifestations

  • This month was one slow due to work and previous commitments of all.
  • “Power of Two” – For safety reasons we ask to always go out in pair of more. White face will make us stand out and be more of a target.
  • No need for our Irreverent Mother to be present to manifest. If you want to, ask another Sister or Guard to join you and then go out and have fun.
  • Pride Month
  • September 10th, Upstate South Carolina Pride (Greenville/Spartanburg)
  • Friday night some manifesting at surrounding areas.
  • Parade/Festival early Saturday AM.
  • In contact with The Greenville Sisters for more information
  • September 24th, North Carolina Pride (Raleigh)
  • Friday night some manifesting at surrounding areas.
  • Parade/Festival early Saturday AM.
  • In contact with The Smokin Cardinal Sisters for more information
  • September 30 / October 1st – Blue Ridge Pride (Asheville)
  • Friday Night at Pack Square Park – Joy Manifestation
  • Saturday AM – Festival at Pack Square Park
  • Possibility of a booth ($150 – fundraising to able to cost this)
  • Chester have an idea of 3 “booths”: Confessionary, Kissing Booth, School to show our 3 main purposes: Funraising, Fundraising and Education.
  • Chester to possibly get a tent for the booth
  • Beer costume for one of the guards to wear
  • Bring more ideas to the table
  • We need to do more than just Bar Ministries. Find events to connect with the Community and reach to our charities. Keep an eye on Novices Projects (each member have to do one, what, when, where, $$)

·         Formal

  • Margarita presented the idea of a gold sequin dress with a white “bubbly” bib giving the idea of beer.
  • Keep thinking of ideas. This include the Guards.

Old Business
·         Charities

  • DayGlo interested in “Campaign for Southern Equality”. Lot of work for the transgender community. Connected thru He will get more information about it.
  • Margarita in contact with Western North Carolina AIDS Project. WNCAP. They are already helping with condoms supplies.
  • Gala same day as Blue Ridge Pride. Margarita volunteer the House to be help during the event. Waiting for confirmation. Interested communicate with Marge.

·         Meeting Homework
-Founding Members of the SPI: Ken Bunch (Sister Vicious PHB), Fred Brungard (Sister Missionary Position) and Baruch Golden
-Christmas 1981: The Sisters produced the world's first fundraiser benefit for an AIDS organization. It was a dog show on Castro Street

·         Mission Statement
Most of the Houses use “The Sisters” one. We can adapt ours.


Meeting adjour