The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2017

The Beer City Sisters
February General Membership Meeting

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – 7pm
OHenry’s / Underground, Asheville


         I.            Call to Order / Welcome – Sister Margarita

       II.            Roll Call – Guard Chester

a.       Founders: Margarita del Encanto, Chester Cub, Ivan Slutty, Selma Cooter, Benny Gesserit, Kay Effcee, Joy A Bounding, Easy Monaye, Peri Van Winkle, Billie Glam (T)

b.       Postulants: Science Fiction, Coneja de la Vega (T)

c.       Aspirants: Timothy

     III.            Approve Last Meeting Minutes - Unanimously

    IV.            Sistory Moment

a.       Selma: She excited about how many people is approaching her and us and how excited they are about having Sisters in Asheville. Also, she met Lady Bunny!!!!

b.       Benny: He’s happy he’s able to manifest without his better half Selma.

c.       Margarita: She was honored to be able to help with BWAR at Drag Bingo and have people approaching her and asking “what do you want me to do for you?”

d.       Easy: She run into friends that haven’t seen in a while and they recognized him in face. He got the chance to talk to them about the Sisters and they are planning to do some costumes workshops.

      V.            Officers Report

a.       President Report – Sister Margarita: She’s been in contact with the leaders of the Community to see how can we help each other. Also, she’s on the BOD of Blue Ridge Pride and he’s absorbing everything he can about Non-Profits.

b.       Vice-President Report – Sister Selma: Not much going on right now.

c.       Sexytary Report – Guard Chester: Gave the opportunity to choose between Facebook or Google Calendar to keep track and attendance of the manifestations. House choose to use Google. We will keep communications thru the Facebook Close Group and Messenger. Sisters events will be promoted on our Fan Page and please be shared by all on the personal pages. Also, he’s working on having a stronger media presence.

d.       Treasurer Report – Guard Ivan: January Report $200 in donations / $275 for the raffle / $79.26 in expenses.

    VI.            Mistress Reports

a.       Mistress of Novices Report – Sister Peri: The House vote and we are elevating Sister Coneja de la Vega and Guard Science Fiction to Postulants today. Also, she’s planning a Novice Tea to meet with the rest of the Aspirants.

i.      Chester mention about 3 new interested: Timothy present tonight, Ann from Drag Bingo and Ryan from Party Foul. Waiting to communicate from the last two.

   VII.            Committee’s Report

a.       UNPC Delegate Report – Sister Peri: During last call Fayeteville was elevated to Mission and Detroit to Fully Professed. They are asking about the amount of Novice Projects completed and in progress. If you are attending the call, make sure you mute (*6) your phone.

b.       PnP Committee Report – Sister Peri: Committee working with the general outlines. Sections were divided. She will be putting them together and will be share with the House for review. Committee meeting one more time before next GM Meeting to work on some sections that needed a little bit more discussion.

c.       501c3 Committee Report – Easy Monaye: Articles of Incorporation were submitted. Ivan will be submitting for EIN. After that we will complete the 30-page application to the IRS for 501c3 and to State. Costs for all this: $60 x AOI / $60 x EIN / $450 aprox for IRS. Raffle tickets proceeds are to cover this costs.

 VIII.            Old Business

a.       Recap of Manifestations

i.      Fire: Weekly event. Attendance has not been great. Margarita to communicate with Deven to see what can be done to grow this events and/or look for other alternatives.

ii.      Party Foul: Monthly event. Margarita to perform again next month. They are a great example of our ministry: Universal Joy and Expiate Stigmatic Guilt. We want to keep working with them.

iii.      Random Bar Ministries: Perfect time to promote joy and create presence. Don’t wait for an event to be created. If you want to manifest, reach out to other Sisters, post on the Group and if quorum go out and have fun.

iv.      Drag Bingo & Trivia with the Queens: Great opportunity to create presence. Very welcome reception from the community and partnership with BWAR.

b.       Pending Manifestations

i.      Mardi Gras Parade (Feb 26): Due to time issues, idea to partner with another group this year. Margarita to reach out Blue Ridge Pride and Selma will reach out WNCAP. Possibly to be on both group. Chester will have Fair Play Kits ready to be distributed during the parade. Easy will look at alternatives and prices to get beads.

ii.      Romantic Asheville Raffle (Feb 26): Drawing will be Live on Facebook after the Mardi Gras Parade (taking the opportunity we will be already in face).

iii.      Condom Couture (Mar 11): Margarita will be designing and Aspirant Lane will be modeling. Margarita still in communication with Planned Parenthood about Sisters helping during the event or holding a table.

1.       Dispensation was asked to let Lane be in white face and lips since she’s gonna be representing the House on stage. Approved unanimously.

iv.      FCS Exequator (Mar 23-16): Great opportunity to celebrate another house and meet Sisters from all over the place. Sister Margarita and Guard Chester, as founding members of the FCS, will get their black veils at this time.

v.      Drag Ball (Mar 31): At UNCA, Peri’s Novice Project. Sisters to perform during the event. Communicate with Margarita if you want to participate of the number.

vi.      Easter Event (Apr 16): OHenry’s will host the event. No cover to be asked for it. Bonnet contest, dj and performances at Underground. Chester is working with the propaganda and will be ready shortly to start promoting the event. Bunnies (male and female) for photo-ops. Looking for alternatives for prizes (Benny to provide a prize, Peri gave the idea of Sisters Faces after demanifesting).

vii.      Walk a Mile in Her Shoes (May 6): Billie’s Novice Project. She’s looking for the information. Team registration to start fundraising for the event.

c.       T-Shirts & Name Tags – Guard Benny: This was table until we have an official coronet, in case logo will change with


     IX.            New Business

a.       Novice Projects

i.      2 completed: Merry & Bright and Your Sister Want You to be Safe

ii.      3 in-progress: Drag Ball, Easter Bonnet and Walk a Mile

iii.      Selma presented her idea about a screening of “Paris is Burning”. We have authorization from Director Jenny Livingston to have the showing w/o licensing fees since she supports the cause. Contacts will be made to theater for space sponsorship. Ticket sales to be donated to Trinity House (Youth Shelter). Idea of having a mobile HIV Testing Unit in location.

iv.      Benny idea to help with Bark 4 Life still pending. He will communicate and get more info.

v.      Chester will create a template for proposals. All proposals will be send to the Treasurer for approval and then the House will vote.

b.       Monthly Talent Night @ O.Henry’s: Margarita meeting with Derick from OHenry’s for more details.

c.       So Conn – Blue Ridge Pride (Apr 5): Concert held outside the US Cellular Center. Blue Ridge Pride will be selling beer as fundraising. Sisters to help with sales. Certification needed for those who will be selling beer. Margarita will be posting link for the certification.

d.       Sister Night Out: Gather one day to socialize out of white face.

i.      Margarita presented the idea of white face in a restaurant to drive attention.

ii.      Billie mention that been in face defeats the idea of be able to socialize and get to know each other better.

iii.      Chester motion to stay out of face. Approved unanimously.

iv.      Chester motion to do a picnic potluck. Approved unanimously.

v.      Margarita to poll dates for this.

e.       Photoshoot: Idea to be tabled till we get out official habit and coronet.

       X.            Other Business

a.       Easy to create committee with Founders Sisters to work on habits.

b.       Next meeting will be Wednesday, March 15 – 7pm – Ohenry’s

     XI.            Postulant Elevation Ceremony - Mistress of Rituals (Billie Glam) Look video on Facebook!!!!

a.       Sister Peri Van Winkle (in name of Big Sister Billie) presented Sister Coneja de la Vega

b.       BB Guard Chester Cub presented Guard Science Fiction

   XII.            Meeting Adjourn – 9:18pm