The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

Meeting MInutes

January 16, 2017

Beer City Sisters, Abbey of All Souls
General Membership Minutes – January 2017
The Underground / January 16, 2017 – 7:00pm


         I.            Call to Order / Welcome – Sister Margarita

       II.            Roll Call – Guard Chester

a.       Founders: Margarita, Chester, Ivan, Selma, Benny, Joy, Easy, Kay, Billie

b.       Aspirants: Tommy & Ruben

c.       Excused: Peri, Hazel

     III.            Sistory Moment

a.       Benny: He’s becoming more comfortable and he’s talking more while manifesting.

b.       Selma: While manifesting last Friday @ Fire she met David from “Creatures of the Night” and their organization is really interested in meeting and working with the Sisters.

    IV.            President’s Report – Sister Margarita del Encanto

a.       Note from Mom Faegala to remember to have Joy, Joy, Joy!

b.       Note from our Mentor Lida Christ to reach out to him individually thru Facebook / Doodle.

      V.            Vice-President’s Report – Sister Selma Cooter

a.       She’s here to step in when Margarita/Randy is not available due to previous commitments or anything else.

    VI.            Sexytary’s Report – Guard Chester Cub

a.       Update to the Webpage and Facebook is an ongoing job.

b.       Still missing Bio’s for Hazel Nut and Joy A Bounding.

   VII.            Treasurer’s Report – Guard Ivan Slutty

a.       We are in “negative numbers” due to utilities and previous charges by Sister Margarita and Guard Chester while building the House. This can be repay to them at a later moment. Collecting all information to be able to have a full report by next meeting.

 VIII.            UNPC Delegate’s Report – Guard Chester (In absence of Sister Peri)

a.       New Aspirant House in Greensville, NC.

     IX.            PNP Committee’s Report – Guard Chester (In absence of Sister Peri, Chair)

a.       Boston, Nashville, Raleigh, Jacksonville shared their PnPs to be reviewed by our House.

b.       Members from the Committee sorted the sections to be worked individually and then presented to the Committee at the next meeting to get feedback from the other members. After each section is completed will be presented to the GM to be approved.

c.       Next meeting February 7th.

       X.            501c3 Committee’s Report – Guard Ivan Slutty (Chair)

a.       1st step is to file with the North Carolina’s Secretary of State. Sister Easy is working to review what’s needed (Articles of Incorporation) and dues.

b.       ByLaws are needed for the following stages of the process. Waiting on BOD to meet and start working on those.

c.       We need to start fundraising events to cover this expenses.

i.      Vday raffle of Hotel Stay / Biltmore Estate passes / Brunch @ Chestnut.

1.       House decided to not rush it for Valentines’ Day but still do it.

2.       Raffle as a bundle. $5 per ticket. With a goal of 10/15 ticket per member we can collect more than the $600+ needed for this expenses.

3.       Margarita is taking lead on this project.

ii.      Movie Nights Raffles

1.       Partner with Asheville Brewing for the Rocky Horror Nights and see if we can have one dedicated to the Sisters.

2.       Raffle Movie baskets with the movie, pop-corn, drinks, etc (Redbox, Netflix giftcards).

3.       Chester taking lead on this.

     XI.            New Business

a.       Name tags – Guard Benny taking the lead. Research and options to be presented on next meeting.

b.       Next Manifestations

i.      Drag Ball @ UNCA (Mar 31) – Sister Peri to lead

ii.      Walk a Mile in her Shoes (May 6) – Sister Billie to lead

iii.      Drag Bingo @ Cellular Center pro Brother Wolf (Feb 10/11)  - Sister Margarita to lead

iv.      Not talk during the meeting:

1.       Pub Cycle Event

2.       Crow & Quill Manifestation

3.       Condom Couture (Mar 11) – Sister Peri already designing

4.       Red Ball Gala pro WNCAP (June) – Sister Margarita

5.       Project Nunway “Bear Paw” (Aug/Sep) – Sister Margarita

c.       Mistresses/Master Appointments

i.      Mistress of Founder – Sister Selma

ii.      Mistress of Novices – Sister Peri

iii.      Mistress of Rituals – Sister Billie

iv.      Mistress of Habits – Sister Easy

v.      Master of Guards – Guard Ivan

vi.      Master of Propaganda – Guard Chester

   XII.            Novice Elevation of Founders

a.       Watch video on Margarita’s Facebook

 XIII.            Meeting Adjourn (8:20pm)