The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

meeting minutes

July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016 / 9:30pm
Connected thru Skype

Re: 1st Conversation with SPI Co-Moms

·             Sister Margarita del Encanto – and her white and red boa
·         Guard Chester Cub – shy in the corner
·         Sister Unity (Co-Mom) – and her toys
·         Sister Faegala (Co-Mom) – with an audience of loud FCS Sisters in the background.

Introductions – Sister Unity and Sister Faegala talk to us about their life as Sisters.

New Business:
·             To start a House, you need: 1 Rubber Chicken, 1 Rubber Pickle and 1 Rubber Fish
·         First two months:

  • No structure!!!!
  • Go out as a group of people to get to know each other, to get to know the community.
  • Who need help?
  • Who has resources?
  • Let the community start getting to know the Sisters.
  • Creativity – Start planning and developing the House.
  • Still have meetings of development.

·         In a month have another Skype call with Co-Moms with all members at the moment.
·         In three (3) or four (4) months conversations for Mission status can start. We will need:

  • Six (6) committed members.
  • Resume of Meetings / Minutes
  • Resume of Manifestations
  • Pictures / Videos of Manifestations
  • An idea of the “Asheville Look”
  • Freedom of expression, but remember to have an element that will tie us together.
  • Canvas will be provided for each member to express themselves.

·         We are Asheville, no more abiding by the FCS/Jacksonville rules.
·         Keep in touch with the Co-Moms every two (2) weeks.

Meeting adjourn:
·             Sister Unity want to post pics and vids of her dildo stuck on her phone.
·         Sister Faegala will continue smelling the pot from the guys behind her.
·         Sister Margarita will finish her outfit for her first manifestation in Asheville.
·         Guard Chester will go to bed since he works at 6am tomorrow.