The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

meeting minutes

July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016
Margarita & Chester’s Residence

Re: 1st Meeting of the Beer City Sisters

·         Margarita del Encanto – hungry with excitement
·         Chester Cub – on the floor in his pj’s
·         Seth Campbell – was he really here?
·         Ida Carolina – fashionably late
·         David Yandle – rocking the 90’s look again

New Business:
·         Sistory Moment thru a YouTube video
·         Why now?

  • Margarita is getting notice of the lack of conversation around the city.
  • A lot to do before ask for Mission Status.
  • Now is just time to have fun, create buzz
  • No need to be on all manifestations
  • Makeup Workshops
  • Find your ministry: Face, Name, Cause

·         Who are you?

  • Express yourself, Be creative
  • We are giving you a white canvas
  • Margarita presented an option for 1st coronet (pillbox hat)
  • House love the idea and want to adopt and be the canvas

·         What we do?

  • Fundraising: Pride
  • Funraising: Sister Bingo, Easter (Sisters’ Anniversary)
  • Awareness: Condom Ministry, HIV Awareness

Introductions (Really late at the meeting):
·             David: also known as Dayglow Starkade. Gender Fluid, dancer, worker and a Pokemon Go gamer.
·         Ida: also known as Nathan Adams. Gender Queer, into Drag pageants, Scandal and another Pokemon Go gamer.
·         Seth:  work work, hang in the mountains, try new restaurants and, guess what, another avid Pokemon Go gamer.
·         Chester: full TV junky and worker (he also plays Pokemon Go)
·         Margarita: floral designer, event coordinator and obsess with the Sisters (not a Pokemon Go gamer)

  • Let’s do a Fashion Show and show my coronets, bibs and dressing room.

To do:
·             Start thinking on your Sister/Guard persona.
·         Read, watch, research about the Sisters. Youtube, other Houses websites, etc.
·         Research about causes in Asheville that calls you and the Sisters can help later on.

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