The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2017

The Beer City Sisters
March General Membership Meeting

Thursday, March 16, 2017 – 7pm
OHenry’s / Underground, Asheville


        I.            Call to Order / Welcome – Sister Margarita
       II.            Roll Call – Guard Chester

a.       Founders: Margarita del Encanto, Chester Cub, Ivan Slutty, Selma Cooter, Benny Gesserit, Hazel Nuts, Kay Effcee, Easy Monaye, Billie Glam (T)
b.       Postulants: Coneja de la Vega
c.       Aspirants: Gary Duncan
d.       Visitors: Brent Wyatt from WNCAP, Christopher Winebrenner from WNCAP, Alex Molina

     III.            Approve Last Meeting Minutes – approved unanimously

    IV.            Sistory Moment

a.       Gd Kay Effcee – she talked about a conversation with a co-worker about coming out.
b.       Sr Easy Monaye – talked about an experience during Mardi Gras parade when someone pulled her to “fan” a friend that couldn’t hear or see.  She realized how simple actions can move and change someone feelings.
c.       Sr Margarita del Encanto – talked about her experience at Condom Couture and how she didn’t know it was a competition. That she was there just to keep promoting our message of universal joy and expiation of stigmatic guilt.

      V.            Officers Report

a.       President Report – Sr Margarita: She’s still reaching and having conversations with leaders of the community (WNCAP, Blue Ridge) and it has been a busy month.
b.       Vice-President Report – Sr Selma: She’s taking over the picnic planning.
c.       Sexytary Report – Gd Chester: Issues with Google Calendar for Manifestations. House decided to go back to Facebook.

                             i.      One image for all events/manifestations
                            ii.      All events will start as “BCS Manifestation"
                           iii.      Only accept invitation if you are actually going to Manifest (white face) to help with the power of 3 rule

d.       Treasurer Report – Gd Ivan: He came right after work, report left at home. He will post later to Facebook Closed Grop

    VI.            Mistress Reports

a.       Mistress of Novices Report – Sr Peri (absent)
b.       Mistress of Habits Report – Sr Easy: Committee created between the Founder Sisters to work on Coronet and Habit. She asked to join PNP Committee to add specifics. Chester explain that they will present to the House as they make the decision, and after the House vote it can be added to the PNP, no need to join the Committee.
c.       Mistress of Rituals – Sr Billie: Creating a blessing to take to FCS’ Exequatur, still looking for examples and ideas.
d.       Master of Guards – Gd Ivan: Guards have been on the talk for their habits too. No decision yet, but they are on track to have one soon.

   VII.            Committee’s Report (skipped to make room to our guests to speak)

a.       UNPC Delegate Report – Sr Peri
b.       PnP Committee Report – Sr Peri
c.       501c3 Committee Report – Gd Ivan

 VIII.            Old Business

a.       Recap of Manifestations

  • Fire: We are holding on Manifesting every week like before, maybe once a month. Margarita to talk to Deven and come with ideas for this events.
  • Party Foul: Margarita still performing on this events. Great opportunity to present the Sisters to the Community.
  • Mardi Gras Parade: Great time with the Community, more inclusive for next year (candy for kids, not just condoms).
  • Condom Couture: Expectations were exceeded. Lots of contacts created at the table guarded by Gd Ivan and Gd Chester.

b.       Pending Manifestations

  • FCS Exequator – Sr Margarita del Encanto: Margarita, Chester and Ivan representing the House in Jacksonville for the event. Margarita asked for money to get gifts to present to the FCS (approved unanimously).
  • Drag Ball – Sr Peri Van Winkle: waiting of Sr Peri for more information.
  • Easter Event – Sr Margarita del Encanto / Brent Wyatt
    • 1.       Marketing material already printed. Please make sure to share.
      • Margarita asked for more money to do a 2nd print of the flyers adding WNCAP logo and announcing them as our beneficiary (approved unanimously).
    • 2.       Event created on Facebook Page, please share on a weekly basis, invite your contacts.
    • 3.       HIV Testing will be done by WNCAP.
    • 4.       Silent Auction / Raffle – prizes needed. List or Tickets?
    • 5.       Photo Op with Sexy Bunnies (male and female). Charge?
    • 6.       Easter Egg Hunt (condoms, gift cards, 1 golden egg).  Buy a basket?
    • 7.       Eureka might be able to join the cast. Will make us charge cover.
  • Dining Out for Life – Christopher Winebrenner
    • 1.       112 establishments giving 20% to WNCAP
    • 2.       3 opportunities to volunteer
      •  Ambassadors at restaurants (3 different shifts 7-10am, 11:30-2p, 5:30-8p)
      • Training parties (Tue, Mar 28 / Thu, Mar 30 @ 5:30pm and Sat, Apr 1 @ 1pm – all at OHenry’s)
      • After Party (Thu, Apr 27)
    • 3.       Options will be posted on Facebook Closed Group to send later to Chistopher as a group.
  • Walk a Mile in Her Shoes – Sr Billie: Still waiting to hear back from the organizers about options for us to volunteer during the event.
  • 1.       Chester remind everybody that the main fundraising event they do is create teams and they do fundraising and funds are given to them at the walk.

c.       Other

  • Picnic – Sr Selma: group decided on Apr 23rd for the picnic.
    • Sr Margarita presented to the House that Brent from WNCAP is inviting us to a dinner as a Thank You for our job during Merry & Bright for that exact date.
    • We are holding on to the picnic for a future date.
  • Novice Projects
    • Explain Novice Projects Logistic
      • Fill out Form for Board of Directors Approval
        • Attached plan to Form
        • Selecting your Non-Profit (up to you)
        • Lead the Project from Start to Finish
      • ouse then vote and approved NP

     IX.            New Business

a.       BCS Exequatur: We have Sisters from out of town already asking for our Exequatur. We want to have a “Save the Date” to make sure we have this key Sisters available to join us. Sr Bearonce already in and to host the event.

  • Voted for April 19-22, 2018

b.       Veil of Shame Burning Ceremony

       X.            Meeting Adjourn (9:45pm)