The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

Meeting Minutes

  • Call to Order - Sr Margarita
  • Roll Call - Gd Chester
    • Founders: Margarita, Chester, Peri, Bilie, Selma, Benny, Hazel, Easy
    • Postulants: Coneja, Cyance
    • Aspirants: Lane, Gary
    • Visitors: Alex, AJ, Jesse
  • Approve Last Meeting Minutes - Unanimously
  • Sistory Moment
    • Coneja: at Party Foul talking to people she found few of them overjoyed because they know the Sisters in California and were excited we had a House here in Asheville.
    • Margarita: explained she had the same experience during Not Just a Sister Act.
    • Bennie: during his last visit to his family in Florida, he took some time to talk to his nephews about the Sisters and why he’s doing this job. He found approval from his family and was excited.
  • Officer's Report