The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

meeting minutes

December 12, 2016

Beer City Sisters, Abbey of All Souls

Monday, December 12, 2016 / 7pm
The Convent at the Mountains

Re: December General Membership Meeting


  • Sr Margarita del Encanto      
  • Sr Peri Van Winkle          
  • Sr Madalyn Deville    
  • Gd Kay Effcee
  • Gd Chester Cub                        
  • Sr Selma Cooter               
  • Sr Easy Monaye               
  • Sr Joy A Bonding
  • Gd Ivan Slutty                           
  • Gd Benny Gesserit          
  • Sr Billie Glam


         I.            Call to Order / Welcome – Margarita del Encanto

       II.            Sistery Moment

a.       Benny: While having a conversation with a Team Lead at work he mentions his involvement with the BCS. She mentions how unexpected because she felt it was out of his comfort zone but that she was proud of him. He admits this is out of his comfort zone but he himself is proud of doing this.

b.       Selma: He talk about a funny moment from this past weekend when, after talking to a couple from Raleigh about HIV testing and other stuff, she referred the couple to Margarita to get more answer to their questions. Margarita answered some questions and came back to her. They started to ask the same questions, they had the names of the Sisters all mixed up, and it’s then when she realized that, as proud she felt to be able to answer more of their questions, she “lost” her time with a drunk couple that didn’t remember anything.

c.       Selma: Another moment from the weekend, last night at Scandals, she was amazed by the support we received by the performers that night. “You guys are awesome”, “This is giving me life”, and “We are always to perform for the Sisters” were just a few of the comments they received.

d.       Billie: She talked about her experience during the Fun-raising last night talking to the community and explaining the event and why we were White Face and that we are “Drag Nuns”.

e.       Easy: She mention she wasn’t feeling in the mood to manifest but she knew the importance of it and the commitment made. She got dressed and went to the bar for the fun-raising. And then she had the “Aha” moment: “I’m looking fabulous, so act the part” and she had fun and the time of her life. (She even got a “boyfriend” of the weekend).

     III.            Board of Directors Elections

a.       Peri Van Winkle withdraw her candidature for the Vice President position due to previous and future possible obligations.

b.       Easy Monaye withdraw her candidature for Secretary to allow the other candidate fulfill the position.

c.       Peri and Easy were nominated then for the Member at Large positions.

d.       Results

  • President: Margarita del Encanto (unanimous)
  • Vice President: Selma Cooter (11 votes)
  • Sexytary: Chester Cub (unanimous)
  • Treasurer: Ivan Slutty (8 votes)
  • Member at Large: Easy Monaye (9 votes) / Benny Gesserit (9 votes) / Kay EffCee (9 votes)

    IV.            UNPC Delegate

a.       Peri Van Winkle nominated herself for the position. The House unanimously approved.

b.       Billie Glam nominated herself to be the alternate. The House unanimously approved.

      V.            Skype Call with Sister Lida Christ (mentor)

a.       Sister Lida Christ introduce herself: from the Boston House, 1st time as a Mentor of a Mission House, MON of the Boston House. Please feel free to reach to her with any questions thru Facebook.

    VI.            Old Business

a.       Merry & Bright:

  • Total collected during 7 nights: $1,606
  • Margarita congratulate the House on our 1st Funraiser. Great participation and effort..

b.       Safety & Communication:

  •  Even Policies and Procedures aren’t in order at the moment, please remember the “Power of Two” every time we are manifesting. Plan and meet at the parking lot, or ride together before going to the venue. No one can stay behind at the end of a Manifestation.
  • Remember the difference between manifestation and event.
    • Manifestation: Joy, Presence, Condom, Bar… White face, 2 or more, can be a last minute.
    •  Event: By or for the Sisters, Fundraiser, Gala… White face, House presence necessary, plan with anticipation.
    • Make sure any manifestation and/or event is communicated to the House thru the Facebook close group, text, messenger.

   VII.            New Business

a.       Committees

  • Policy and Procedures: Rules of the House, remember we don’t live for rules. We can research the PnPs from other Houses for examples
    • Chester / Selma / Benny / Peri / Billie
  • 501(c)3: Nonprofit status
    • Ivan / Easy / Madalyn

b.       Manifestations

  •  Fire: Wednesday, Dec 21st: Safe LGTB Space/Dance/Drag/Party
    •  Sisters to create a performance: Billie in charge
  •  Fire: Thursday, Dec 30th: Manifestation

c.       Aspirants: We have 6/8 new aspirants interested in the House. Consensus was to wait till after the Holidays to meet with them and start the process.

  • Chester mention to keep them on the loop of the event and manifestations we will be participating for them to join us and watch. Then Mid-January have the meeting with them. House approved.

 d.       Expenses: Margarita brought to the attention of the House the recurrent expenses we are incurring (webpage, po box, business cards…) and presented a motion to the House that with every fundraising done we kept 30% of the proceeds to cover this expenses.

  • Chester presented that fundraiser made for Non-profits should be kept 100% of the proceeds for the organization and we should create our own fundraising events to cover House’s expenses.
  • Vote was made and by a vote of 7 yay / 3 nay / 1 ab we will be taking 70/30%

 VIII.            Meeting Adjourn

a.       Margarita adjourned the meeting at 8:55pm

b.       Next Meeting: January 16, 2016 – 7pm