The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls

meeting minutes

November 1st, 2016

November 1st, 2016 / 9:00pm
Connected thru Skype

Re: Mission Submission

·              Sister Margarita del Encanto – with the yodeling pickle
·         Guard Chester Cub –
·         Guard Ivan Slutty – playing with his happy meal
·         Guard Nancy Vargas – with a sombrero she didn’t wore
·         Sister Peri Van Winkle – shower with flirts from our Co-Mom
·         Sister Unity (Co-Mom) – and her toys
·         Sister Faegala (Co-Mom)
·         Sister Coco Deveraux – visiting from the Greenville House

·         Nancy – would had been a good name “feminine guys”
·         Peri Winkle – asked for ring size

New Business:
·         Moms brought a concern about the amount of Guards vs Sisters in the group

o   We have 8 aspirants and all Sisters.
o   Still no PnP’s to mold how Guards will be treated vs Sisters
o   Guards come from the Leather Community, more “rough” attitude, more guard than joyful as Sisters should be

·         Where we are after last call

o   Changing from First Coast mentality
o   Change of coronet, individuality
o   Creativity and Fun vs Structure

·         #choices

o   What’s going to attract our Community

·         Mission Submission

o   Finish with the webpage, need to be up and running

§  Mission
§  Missing Bios

o   Sent for review for Nov 10th
o   UNPC call vote Nov 23rd, 9pm

Meeting adjourne