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sr coneja de la vega

Favorite Quotes:
"Oh my furry whiskers, I'm late I'm late I'm late!"
- The White Rabbit
"...what is, is what must be."
- Black Rabbit of Fu Inlé
"I was bred and born in the briar patch, Brer Fox, BORN and BRED!"
- Br'er Rabbit
"You know me. You've know my work."
- Sr. Coneja de la Vega

Born and bred in Texas, Sister Coneja de la Vega has both skills and charms to her name, but can not count among them the ability to write concisely or clearly about herself. After moving to North Carolina to pursue a career in healthcare, the Sister focused primarily on stable employment and the pursuit of a nursing degree, and through that process learned a love of public service.

Bringing that light to her nunhood, Coneja hopes to work towards - among other goals - reducing the barriers to personal healthcare and well being experienced by her Queer kith and kin, especially trans folk, especially trans folk of color, especially trans women of color.

Along the way she hopes she'll be there for Sisters in need, with a convenient straight-or-safety pin as needed, or a silent ear to bear joy and sorrow. She's built up a survival kit, perhaps THE survival kit for surviving the rigors of small-city gay subculture, all conveniently contained in the toilet papery embrace of a 34B bra. She's learned how to use grease in new and exciting ways, and have been visited by the wondrous plague of never ending glitter... everything!

She hopes to build new connections, not just in the Sisters network, but in queer and non-profit Asheville (and beyond) because she sees the potential for existing acquaintances and friendships to grow and blossom in warm light of a good - nay even holy! - mission of simple good will and good work, liberally seasoned with Sacred Glitter!


sr wilma holeburn

Member Since May 2018

Favorite Quotes:
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

I am a North Carolina native and lived/worked in Phoenix, AZ for five years before returning to NC in 2004. I have two college degrees and am Jack (Jill?) of all trades. I have worked as a professional performer, technician, director, and teacher in the theatre since the mid 90s.

When Did You Discover Your Calling?
I have enjoyed somewhat of a drag career in the past but I found the pay to be terrible, the hours unrealistic, and many of the performers to be competitive drug-fueled queens.

I had seen the sisters in parades and such and it took a while for an Abbey to pop up close enough for me to join. I was immediately attracted to the good hearted nature of this group and the level of integrity to which they hold their members. Once I joined I realized that there is a LOT more to these drag nuns than I thought.

A moment of clarity came to me at my very first pride event in nun drag. I spotted a homeless woman quietly sitting on a bench away from the rainbow of chaos. I sat with her, had a conversation, and shared my snacks with her. Being in Sister drag gave me a courageous sense of purpose for helping her— something I often feel in my life but don’t always have the courage to act upon. I was so moved to realize that joining this group encouraged my heart to fully blossom. I cried. That’s what life is about my friends. Helping, supporting, and engaging.

The Beer City Sisters merge volunteerism, drag, and community engagement in a way that enriches my life with purpose. These “sacred clowns” are amazing people.

Religious Belief:
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence