The Beer City Sisters
Abbey of All Souls
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the beer city sisters



The coronet

The Coronet of the Beer City Sisters is reminiscent of the Miter, which is the pointed hat worn by senior clergy in many religious traditions. The pointed tip is an homage to the Mountains which surround and protect our home. Being that we are Sisters wearing something traditional worn by male clergy, we also wear a reminder the equality of all people, no matter their gender expression.

Our habit

The Beer City Sisters formal wear consists of a royal blue habit that has bell sleeves as well as a bell shape that is fuller around the bottom. Sleeves are lined in gold trim that matches the scapular. A tapered scapular covers the habit from shoulders to past the waistline and is gold in color to mimic a pint glass of beer. A white colored bib sits atop the shoulders to mimic the “head” of the beer from the scapular. The ensemble is completed with a headpiece to represent a Sister’s progression on their journey: Fully Professed Sisters wear a gold coronet with a golden veil, Novice Sisters wear a white coronet with white veil, and Postulant Sisters wear a grey headband with grey veil


Our logo

Our Sister is in our formal outfit with our distinctive Coronet and her makeup is on point. Off course she have her beer on hand; there's no other way to have universal joy in Asheville.

Our logo is adaptable to the season and the different events we do.