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Benny Gesserit



Fully Professed Guard
Founding Member
Vice President / Master of Dis-ass-ter Prevention

Member Since
November 2016

Favorite quote
"Survival is the ability to swim in strange waters" Frank Herbert.

I was born in New York and raised in South Florida. I have been a nurse since 1983. My career has taken me all over the country. I met my husband, Sister Selma Cooter, many years ago in New Orleans, and he traveled with me for many years. I have worked in many areas of the health-care arena, and have loved each ares for the valuable lessons learned. My husband and I moved to North Carolina over ten years ago and officially married in 2013. We have two rescue dogs...a french bulldog and an english bulldog. 

How Did I Get My Call?
We first were exposed to the SPI in San Francisco, and did not run into them again until 2016 at the Blue Ridge Pride festival in 2016. We both decided we wanted to be a part of this group, and we've been welcomed with open arms and a hell of a lot of glitter.

Religious beliefs
I was raised in a practicing conservative Jewish home and went to Hebrew school until my bar mitzvah. I continue to practice my religion on a much more reform system of beliefs and practices. Mostly I strive to just be a kinder and more thoughtful person each day.