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wilma holeburn

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Fully Professed Sister

Member Since May 2018

Favorite Quotes:
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

I am a North Carolina native and lived/worked in Phoenix, AZ for five years before returning to NC in 2004. I have two college degrees and am Jack (Jill?) of all trades. I have worked as a professional performer, technician, director, and teacher in the theatre since the mid 90s.

When Did You Discover Your Calling?
I have enjoyed somewhat of a drag career in the past but I found the pay to be terrible, the hours unrealistic, and many of the performers to be competitive drug-fueled queens.

I had seen the sisters in parades and such and it took a while for an Abbey to pop up close enough for me to join. I was immediately attracted to the good hearted nature of this group and the level of integrity to which they hold their members. Once I joined I realized that there is a LOT more to these drag nuns than I thought.

A moment of clarity came to me at my very first pride event in nun drag. I spotted a homeless woman quietly sitting on a bench away from the rainbow of chaos. I sat with her, had a conversation, and shared my snacks with her. Being in Sister drag gave me a courageous sense of purpose for helping her— something I often feel in my life but don’t always have the courage to act upon. I was so moved to realize that joining this group encouraged my heart to fully blossom. I cried. That’s what life is about my friends. Helping, supporting, and engaging.

The Beer City Sisters merge volunteerism, drag, and community engagement in a way that enriches my life with purpose. These “sacred clowns” are amazing people.

Religious Belief:
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence