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sister helen bedd

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Fully Professed Sister
Member at Large

Member since Nov 2017

Favorite Quotes:  
You have to put one foot in front of the other, soon you will be walking out the door.  - From “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”


I was born at a young age in Seattle, Washington.

I was raised in Washington, Arkansas, Tennessee and Michigan.

I was married to a woman for 23 years and have a grown son and daughter and have two fantastic grandchildren.

I came out as gay when I was 49 years old and I met my amazing husband during my divorce.

My husband and I moved to Asheville in November of 2016 and fell in love with the people and the area.  I had previously heard about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence from Faegala Tina Pfischzoot and Velveeta Vontease while on a RuPaul Drag Race Cruise.

They are responsible for lighting my file for the Sisters, the Beer City Sisters of Asheville are responsible for pushing me through my different elevations. 

Since I have joined the Sisters I have found my tribe.


My calling started a long time before joining the Sisters. I knew I was gay in the 3rd grade when I developed my first boy (kind of) crush. My first crush was the Speed Racer 

(Yes, the cartoon when they had him walk across the race track and they would drive those crease lines with each step….well lets just say they had my attention.  When I was in the

9th grade I had an uncle grab a handful of hair from the back of my head and he took a knife and cut it off saying “we don’t have faggots living in our family” I knew I was not able

To be my true self to my family without being hurt or disowned. That is when my ministry was formed. My ministry is to let every person know that even though we are not biological family 

We are logical family and they have a huge family that has been through the same struggles and we are here for them.

Religious Beliefs:

My religious belief is that you should follow the religion or belief system that challenges you to be your best you possible.

I do participate in an organize religion and would be happy to discuss it with you personally but I don’t feel compelled to

Add yet another label to who I am.