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Abbey of All Souls

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Billie Glam



Retired Sister
Founding Member
Mistress of Rituals

Member Since
July 2016

Favorite Quotes
-"I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be then me." -from "Wreck-It Ralph"
-"Anus-thing is possible." -Alaska Thunderfuck 5000

Sister Glam has done many things and watched many episodes of Star Trek. As such she is a strong believer in the progression of humanity towards a greater balance of justice. She also believes one of the greatest tools in that journey is showtunes. She is a Ravenclaw and a Cancer. She has lived her whole life in the Carolinas and considers herself blessed to have begun her sisterhood during such an awakening of the mission in that area. 

When Did You Discover Your Calling?
I found my way to the sisters through my career as a performer in the professional drag scene (where I perform as Ida Carolina). I met the Greenville Sisters at their first manifestation, and when I later heard there was a chapter starting in Asheville I knew she had to get involved. My Queer pride, interest in social work through visibility, and love of Catholic imagery knew they had finally found a home.

Religious Beliefs
Charismatic Presbyterian / Pagan / Evan-Jellicle Cats

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