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margarita del encanto



Fully Professed Sister
Founding Member
Irreverent Mother / President BOD

Member Since:
September, 2014

Favorite Quotes:

Born and raised in Arecibo, PR, from evangelical parents. My world always turned around good will and help for the needy. For a long time did missionary work abroad alleviating the need for the Dominican brothers. I grew up around music and theater, of which I wrote, produced and acted in many of them. I earned a bachelor's degree in theology, but I never got to practice. I found a slightly different way that I always knew where the light, forgiveness and love are based. Today I put into practice the lessons learned and the charity I am passionate about.

When Did You Discover Your Calling?
I met the Sisters in Orlando and they talk to us about the Community and their mission. I wanted to join right away and a few months later we heard that a new house was being form in Jacksonville. Talking to the Sisters from Jacksonville I realize there’s so much I can get and give that decide to be part myself of the House.

Religious Belief: 
Unconditional Love