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DayGlo StarKade



Novice Guard
Founding Member

Member Since
August 2016

Favorite Quote
"The universe is under no obligation to make sense to any of us."
-Neil deGrasse Tyson

Born in Texas - the land of steers and queers - DayGlo grew up in middle class America under Southern Baptist parents in a very sheltered environment. Once teenage hormones kicked into high gear, all hell broke loose. Between 16-18 years old he was exposed to many subcultures on the fringes of society including the Rave, Goth, Club, and Metal subcultures - which he embraced whole heartedly. His current pastimes include to this day include collecting rare electronic music & remixes, underground street fashion, and all things holographic and iridescent. 

At 6 feet, 6 inches tall he has begun to understand that his height & size can be utilized for more than just admiration, including protecting the Beer City Sisters as a Guard.

Living just outside Asheville, NC, DayGlo (33) nowadays divides his time between his job, nonprofit work, and his partner of 2 years.

Religious Beliefs
Though a Christian by faith, I believe that ALL people are accepted & Loved by Jesus Christ - no matter what your sexual orientation or gender. Also for the record - No, I don't believe that the Sisters dressing up in habits is "sacrilegious" because the imagery is used as a form of festive symbolism toward promoting good-will & safety, not anti-Catholicism.

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